Gintech energy

Our Company (Gintech Energy Corporation) is seeking assistance with the "work from home initiative" to assist with Accounting , Marketing, Data Entry Clerk, Accounting Clerk Bookkeeper, Accounting Executive,Administration Assistant,Product Management,Receptionist, Customer Service, Clerical Administrator, Payroll Clerk, Medical Biller/Coding,Book keeping, Typist Clerk, Management and Administrative and also performing DUTIES ONLINE

Here are What you need to no about the company: 

Gintech Energy Corporation is driven by a sense of mission – the desire to make a meaningful contribution towards protecting the planet. Established by a group of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds – including semiconductors, the petrochemical industry, electronics and accounting – Gintech has a first-class management team, together with outstanding R&D personnel and technical advisors. Gintech possesses all of the capabilities needed for rapid growth. Since its establishment in August 2005, Gintech's impressive performance has enabled the company to establish itself as a leading player in the solar energy industry. Gintech commenced commercial production in 2006; the company was listed on Taiwan's Emerging Stocks Exchange in 2006, and on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2007. Sales revenue has risen steadily.

Since beginning production in July 2006, Gintech has worked diligently to boost the output and efficiency of its solar cell production. Within two months after commencing  production, Gintech had achieved a yield rate and an average conversion efficiency that were the highest in the industry. Production at Factory Site A, Hsinchu Science Park, began in 2007 and has reached a total production capacity of 870MW. Gintech becomes the world’s largest solar cell plant in one single building in 2009.