Potential asia

Background Potential Asia

Potential Asia is an offshoot of Potential UK. Potential UK started 6 year ago in United Kingdom and as of 2016 it has more than 60 employees. Potential UK is an incubator which invests in online tech-related start-ups.

Since 2015 the team of Potential UK started a new venture: Potential ASIA. Potential ASIA implements the success of Potential UK in Asia. It specializes in Search Engine Optimization related technologies. Within 1 year it has 15 employees working for Bali. Due to the current success and investors willingness, Potential ASIA plans to double its projects in new territories.

Potential ASIA is currently running multiple websites in USA (coupofy.com), UK (Bargainfox.co.uk), Netherlands (dr-discount), Germany (gutcher.de), Canada (savvybeaver.ca), Spain and Australia. For 2016 multiple new countries are planned to be launched with the same success formula as the current websites.

Potential ASIA Formula

The success formula of Potential ASIA lies within its autonomous teams. Each country is managed and run by a dedicated autonomous team. Each team has its own employees, budget, strategy and decides autonomously. This way, the management layer is reduced. This creates a fun atmosphere where there is space for experimenting and mutual learning. The engagement and the moral of the employees is high, which is the key success formula of Potential ASIA. The success of each approach is later re-applied by the other teams. Potential UK is following this approach and is planning to implement the successes in UK.