Dallas Roadshows, Inc.


Our team of professionals shares one goal, the commitment to the campaign. The task is simple once all parties work together. Our business relies on being the face to the public for many of our clients, making the process of selecting new individuals to come aboard a process that we take very seriously. As we look to expansion into new markets, as well as the addition of new clients, we know that we have to bring new team members aboard to assist with that. We pride ourselves on the superior level of service and results we are able to provide our clients. With that, we expect that new candidates will also give the same level of effort.

Each person must display qualities that will benefit the day to day operations as well as the long term welfare of the company as a whole. We are a family in many ways, and our whole structure is based on individuals coming together and each having a part in the big scheme of things.

We are looking for the following attributes in potential candidates.

Positive Attitude and Outlook
Determined and driven
Ability to function well in groups as well as alone