Sobhy Companies LLC

Sobhy Companies provides coaching and training services to help clients find health, happiness, and success and live lives they love every moment of. Our goals include helping clients move towards peak performance, goal accomplishment, and fulfilled potential. 

Omar Sobhy is the Chairman of Sobhy Co and for over a decade has been coaching and training clients to accomplish their goals and realize their potential on and off the court. 

Sobhy Co strives to help clients progress from where they are to where they want to be. Services include: 

Online health, sports, and life coaching 
One on one coaching sessions 
Group coaching sessions 
Squash coaching sessions 
Personal training sessions 
Training program creation 
Book publication 
Public Speaking 
Event Planning 
Training Camps 

Client results include: 

Recruitment by prep schools and Ivy League universities 
Championship victories 
New jobs and internships 
Improved grades 
Improved happiness in life 
improved family relations 
Improved communication skills 
Strengthened mindset to achieve goals 

The ultimate goal of Sobhy Co is to help 100 million people find health, happiness and success and live lives they love every moment of. As the business expands, so does our online presence. Interns are wanted to help broaden the outreach of the company and will receive coaching and sales and marketing training throughout the duration of the internship.