Team Sellors Agencies

Team Sellors Agencies is a marketing and sales company in partnership with Torchmark Corporation and Liberty National Life. Our dedication and purpose is to achieve success through making a difference in our customers, leaders, families and communities in which we serve.

First, success with our customers is measured by making sure their families’s needs are taken care of through the services we provide and that we are there to service them when they need us most.

Secondly, success within our corporation will be determined by the advancement of our leaders in our organization. Through the coaching, development and growth of our leadership we help them to attain and reach the desired goals that have set for themselves.

In addition, success is measured by the difference we are able to make in the lives of those we care the most about, our families. The difference in the day to day opportunities we are able to provide and the legacy we build for their future.

Lastly, the dedication to the communities in which we serve. Whether it be the time spent volunteering or the donations we are able to provide, the gift of giving is something we are very proud of.