La Giraudiere

La Giraudiere is a non-profit organisation based in the south west of France.  Internships and training opportunities abroad are just a part of the learning and study abroad programs on offer to our global audience.

The Learning internships at La Giraudiere are both training and preparation for the working world. They provide the bridge from studying to a real job. 

The volunteers program presents the opportunity to live together in France, exchange one’s knowledge and life experiences whilst helping to improve the project and all its' programs for those to come in the future.

La Giraudiere welcomes groups of an educational nature and to date La Giraudiere as played host to schools and university groups from UK and the USA.

All the programs aim to provide a unique learning experience with French language tuition for non French speakers and there is an English language program for French speakers.

All La Giraudière programs are open to people from all backgrounds, ages and nationalities that have a right to travel and visit France. We require all participants, volunteers and Interns, to agree to our code of conduct.

La Giraudiere association, Les Amis De La Giraudiere, holds fund raising community events and also helps the other associations of Brossac hold their community events. Interns, volunteers and groups are encouraged to take part in the planning, marketing, and setting up of these events as they present an ideal opportunity to become immersed in French rural life and sample “La vie association” Francais.

La Giraudiere is well established in the village life of Brossac and yet remains international in its operations and scope. This mixture of Local French life and international outlook provides a place for cultural understanding with a unique French experience.