Your partner, your resource, your insurance innovator…
At IPMG, we focus on YOU!

Expect exceptional, integrated insurance services that are developed and delivered through collaboration with you and your clients. Experience a trusted, durable partnership, as IPMG provides virtually every aspect of services and capabilities in the insurance industry.

Passion is uncommon in the insurance industry. At IPMG, our team is passionate about every aspect of doing business with you. Excellence is our goal at every level, and the IPMG team will do our best to serve you. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to understanding your needs; supporting your business; and providing insurance, risk management and claims services-- economically.

Our Business - Delivering Exceptional, Integrated Insurance Services

The breadth and depth of services and capabilities available from IPMG will surprise you in diversity as well as evolution with the changing business climate.

OUR FOCUS - Protecting your bottom line

Your bottom line is our bottom line. When your budget is most vulnerable, we'll be the trusted partner there for your business for years to come.

OUR COMMITMENT - To be a dedicated and trusted partner to our independent agents and their clients

We strive to be a great partner. To instill in you the confidence that we are dedicated to protecting your interests and work at being a trusted member of your team.

IPMG clients and their agents expect and receive the exceptional. Invite IPMG to be a trusted partner in your insurance business. We are confident you will realize a new level of attention to detail, comprehensive services, cost-containment strategies, risk management and health management programs. With laser attention to detail from IPMG, you can expand your business and better serve your clients.