For Better, Not Worse Clothing

For Better, Not Worse creates clothing that expresses positive messages of individual happiness. We hope the positive messages on our clothing will help spread happiness both directly and indirectly to those affected by our brand.

Our Commitment

For Better, Not Worse is committed to spreading happiness by providing food to children in need. The amount of children that don’t have access to adequate food on a daily basis is very disturbing. There are programs in place that allow under privileged kids to eat breakfast and lunch at their school cafeterias, but only on the days that school is in session. That means many of these kids go without food on nights, weekends and holidays.

So for every shirt sold, For Better, Not Worse will give a bag of groceries a child in need. These bags will provide groceries to children in need to take home for the times that school is out. We will be doing our “Bag Drops” every three months, with our first one in April. We hope this program grows so that we are able to do drops every month. Please visit our website’s "Giving Back" page for more information about our Bag Drop Program. Also please sign up for our newsletter for updates, exclusive offers and deals.