Briggs Art & Sculpture

About Briggs Design

Briggs Design is a collaboration between Jeffrey and Lindley Briggs who have worked together for over 40 years to create unique commissioned sculpture. We work closely with, and guide our clients through the entire process from initial concept to design, and from mechanical scale drawings to completed sculptures. Our methods have proven successful time and time again. At Briggs Design we have a working familiarity with a wide variety of molding and casting processes as well as sculptural materials. We have the ability to work in a wide range of scales, from 2'' Office Gods, 10' arches , to full scale carousels, and we have vast experience with color mixing, painting and patinas.

In 1970 we started a wood sculpture business called Briggs Bugs & Butterflies. Over the course of 18 years, we produced over 6000 larger-than-life wooden butterflies, flies, dragonflies, moths, peacocks and wooden flowers that were sold to galleries, interior designers and collectors throughout the country. Next we branched out into creating one-of-a-kind sculptural prototypes and designs that were produced and marketed nationally by other companies. Many of our designs were produced in China. We collaborated with other firms on creating colossal props for the NYC visual merchandising market: 6' Chinese ginger jars , vases, and plates for Bloomingdales, 9' Art Nouveau Ladies for Bonwitt Teller, and a 10' mountain for The Rockport Shoe Company.