Fitness Formulary LLC

Fitness Formulary is a one-stop, online retailer offering medically authoritative recommendations for foods, supplements, vitamins, minerals, hair and skincare products. We partner with health systems, health clubs, hospitals, medical practices, membership organizations and other associations and share revenues with these partners fund wellness initiatives. We offer over 55,000 awesome foods, vitamin, minerals, supplements, health and wellness products you can purchase in one convenient place.


We recommend products that have “efficacy” in the treatment or prevention of medical conditions or in the pursuit of a fitness goal. “Efficacy” refers to medical and scientific evidence from clinical studies as to the relative effectiveness of a given ingredient. Our Formulary Panel of leading physicians and experts in nutrition, health, fitness, complimentary and alternative health. They test the Efficacy Engine and provide continual oversight.

Our product assortment includes 55,000 products across dozens of categories, the majority of which are non-perishable grocery items, foods, beverages, vitamins, minerals, supplements, skin and hair care, baby and pet products, natural and organic household items, fitness accessories, equipment and monitors.


Our services include access to health advisors and advocates and the use of our patent-pending Efficacy Engine. The Efficacy Engine cross-references ingredients that have efficacy in the pursuit of specific wellness and fitness goals or in the treatment/prevention of a medical condition. This delivers a list of products which are graded A through F according to descending efficacy of the ingredients in the products. It has over 800 medical conditions and 300 wellness goals backed by millions of clinical studies from the world’s preeminent researchers.