A clerical assistant needs to perform certain routine activities in any given organization. Along with these, there may be some organizational specific activities, that he may be required to execute. The clerk assistant job description generally consists of:
Telecommunication activities, like answering calls, transferring calls to the right person or to the right department, and receiving and distributing messages.
Typing letters and replies to the inquiries made.
Sorting and filing papers, like memorandum, invoices, and letters.
Assisting the senior clerk or other support staff in the administrative functions.
Photocopying necessary documents and filing them properly.
Updating the computer database by data entry.
Compiling office records and updating the files.
Sorting and distributing incoming mail and organizing the outgoing mail.
Attending to the inquiries and providing the necessary information to the customers.
Making the necessary arrangements for meetings between departments and or between the organization and the clients.
Apart from the above, a clerical assistant may need to execute other duties that are specific to the department to which he is assigned. For instance, if he is assigned to the sales department, he may have to compile sales reports based on the sales for a particular day, week or month. If he is a clerical assistant in the purchase department, he may need to order materials or send the bills for settlement to the accounts department.