Petro Mobile Solutions

Currently, I'm helping lead the national expansion of a $140 million dollar mobile Internet social commerce company.

You will be a perfect match for our company if you:

1. Know how to use a smart phone.

2. Have a Facebook account.

3. Would like to eliminate your mobile cell phone payment.

4. Are interested in earning $20,000 or more per month.

This is a unique opportunity that has a huge opportunity for growth and can be done remotely. If you live in the US, positions are available to you and all training will be provided to begin.

This will provide you with the opportunity to work anywhere you choose, and doesn't require a daily work "check in." You also have the ablility to choose how many hours a week you would like to work.

If you think you meet the above requirements, please contact us asap as we have spots that need to be filled immediately.

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