In 2015, “mobile-friendly content” is no longer a suggestion. It is a necessity. Yet many brands still market content in the form of a PDF!

Readz’s content creation platform allows brands to create and publish inbound content on all devices.

From increased SEO, deeper reads, and higher engagement to more organic visits and conversions, when marketers produce your white papers, research reports, brochures, annual reports or magazines using Readz, they will feel the difference. We have seen customers get up to 120 times the number of reads and visits as before.

"In short, Readz is a platform designed to spell the end for hosted PDFs" – Ben Davis, eConsultancy

Our customers include Hilton Grand Vacations, Deloitte, IBM, Verizon, Microsoft, BBDO, Mead & Johnson, among others. 

Here are some introductory pitches and presentations: