FESCO Education

FESCO Education Center is a subsidiary of Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (one of the Top 500 in China with over 30-year experience in foreign enterprise human resources service), and a strategic partner of Hong Kong Phinnie International Education (a famous Hong Kong youth education institution with over 30-year history, providing English product and English teachers training service for more than 400 primary schools and kindergartens).

Our mission is to create a base of recruiting, training and assigning prominent foreign teachers, provide a legal, professional and excellent team of foreign teachers for Chinese to learn foreign language, cultivate a group of native teachers with who have a strong understanding of Chinese culture education and adapt to it. FESCO Education Center makes it easier and faster for a Chinese to learn foreign language, which contribute efforts on integration in the international community and enhancement on the international culture exchange.

FESCO Education Center has three main business: wholeheartedly providing legal, professional and prominent foreign teachers to domestic kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, international schools and training institutions out of schools; training the foreign teachers, assisting them to get qualification certificate issued by related national department; providing training, evaluation and educational management service to the institutions with foreign teachers.