UBL Interactive, Inc

Interact by phone with outside parties to collect information or conduct follow-up. Answer incoming calls from customers. Answer inquiries and questions, handle complaints, troubleshoot problems and provide information.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

·         Contact businesses or private individuals by phone

·         Deliver prepared sales scripts or persuade potential customers to participate for our products or services.

·         Describe our products and services

·         Respond to questions

·         Obtains customer information

·         Maintain customer/potential customer data bases

·         Follow up on initial contacts

·         Complete records of telephonic interactions

·         Answer calls and respond to voicemails

·         Handle customer inquiries telephonically

·         Research required information using available resources

·         Resolve customer complaints

·         Provide customers with product and service information

·         Enter new customer information into system.

·         Update existing customer information

·         Identify and escalate priority issues

·         Follow up customer calls where necessary

Document all call information according to standard operating procedures