Realestate Auction / Advertising*

As I have 2 positions available you are willing and able to qualify for. While I am needing someone that is a self motivator, dedicated and seeking to balance what you can be doing around your time. So if you view the 2 offers if you are interested regarding your previous request and tell me if you are available and ready to prosure a infinate residual income.
As I am seeking a unique individual that is looking to be a personal assistant in assisting me with my affiars. In exchange I am willing to give a piece of mind in you can balancing you time as a person around the intrest in assisting me regarding a trial in orgainizing my personal life. Inturn after completed and arranged in making money from what you organized I will then offer % of everything regarding my affairs as a whole -properties. business, and website.
Also I am seeking someone with PHP / SQL Experience and grapic design skills that can complete the details of my website for the trial for the position. As I will then be willing to offer this inidividual % of what the website produces residually. Being you would then even make money while you sleep also, you would just then have to monitor and updated as requested.
As the website has 2 parts (Auction / Advertising) while the first is called then click SkyWebTicker for the advertsing part. While I am looking to add video games and updates soon to the site as well as realestate properties. I am looking for someone that understands the situation at hand and also willing and able to manage and maintain. So if any of one of the 2 positions available like personal assistant or PHP / SQL graphic design interests you contact me on yahoo messager at so I can further explain the details to the situation.