Egen Solutions Inc.

Egen Solutions is a 11 year old IT Java consulting firm. We specifically deliver high quality web solutions and web augmentation using Java, J2EE and .net technologies making a difference in the lives we touch has always been a mission of this company. Every service we provide goes back to “what’s best for our clients”. Although staffing is our foundation, providing educational resources and connecting people within the industry is our passion. We pride ourselves in being connected throughout the IT community so that when our clients have a need outside of staffing, we can be their resource.

We believe the flexibility of our service offerings provides substantial value to our clients and professionals. We provide our clients with significant assistance in managing their profitability by giving them a high degree of control in managing their labor costs without sacrificing Technical expertise. In addition, working on a short-term contract basis allows our IT professionals substantial flexibility in balancing their careers with their lifestyle objectives.

What makes E Gen so successful? We believe that it is a combination of:

■The dedicated Technology professionals we recruit.
■The members of our senior management team - many of them experienced IT professionals who've worked in a variety of industries.
■The clients that access our staffing solutions and provide new, challenging work environments.

To be part of the E Gen team requires a person who is creative, intelligent, and willing to do whatever it takes for our clients and candidates. Our team’s strong work ethic shines through each and every day as they work to exceed client expectations. A positive attitude and a sense of urgency are what make our team members successful.

 We invite you to discover the many new and exciting things that E Gen will bring to you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.