EQuad Engineering Services Pvt.Ltd.

EQuad do the job of imparting knowledge of engineering to the students.EQuad follows a subject neutral training method, designed by an IIT graduate with 40 years experience.Type of work during the training would include application of mechanical/electronics/software engineering concepts learnt during their course of study.E-Quad is in negotiation with engineering institutions for effective training of the students even while studying. This can be a co-curricular activity and/or can form a part of end of term projects normally undertaken by the students.
The effectiveness comes from combining the E-Quad Training with real life projects. The students would be guided by a trained E-Quad engineer for methodology, application, documentation and planning.Engineering Services and education sector face a few problems. Many small and medium industries cry for technical help and are not able to get quality “engineering” services at affordable rate and affordable risk. we firmly believe we can provide practical and workable solutions to these problems. We also see a potential to utilize the needs of one area as opportunity for other and come up with a win-win-win combination for the Industries, Students and Society at large