Future VIPKID Limited

VIPKID is an online learning service provider that offers the American elementary school experience to Chinese children -- all from the comfort of home. Our sophisticated virtual education system streams native English speaking teachers into Chinese homes, linking the world through education.


For more information please visit our website: www.vipkid.com.cn


What we do:

1-on-1 online full immersion English classes, based on the American Common Core State Standards



*Native English speaker with North American accent

*Experience working with children between the ages of 5-12

*ESL teaching experience OR current teacher certification

*Bachelor's degree in relevant field (ex. Education, Linguistics, Languages)

* Availability to teach AT LEAST 15 classes per week from 6-11 PM everyday and from 9am to 11am on weekends in Beijing Time (totaling 7.5 hours, there is no upper limit of teaching hours, so you can teach as many hours as you want!)

*Fast Internet connection and audio/video capability



*The comfort of working from home

*The convenience of controlling your own schedule

*Competitive salary with system to reward outstanding teachers, $16/hr ~$22/hr

*Ongoing paid training and professional development



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