Seerslab Inc

Located in Palo Alto, CA, Seerslab Inc. is a mobile media service and technology company bringing Hollywood into users’ everyday lives with lollicam, a fun and easy real-time video editing app.

Our mission is to bring innovations in creating, editing and sharing mobile videos. Our team consists of experienced and passionate professionals gathered to solve the pain-points of producing and sharing daily videos via mobile devices.

lollicam was started with an entirely new approach of “pre-processing” on creating and editing videos simultaneously as they are taken. This process is combined with new technologies of face-tracking systems and VFX with various fun stickers and cinematic effects. With such tools, our users can easily create unique photos and movielike videos and share them with their family and friends more easily.

Here at Seerslab, we all love what we do and whom we work with. We are seeking investors, partners and colleagues on our journey to build the platform together to bring great contents from all around world to people’s everyday lives. Stay tuned to Seers !