Bevdog TM was formed to provide an accurate, real-time, national online directory of happy hours and daily specials for bars and restaurants throughout the United States.  Bevdog gives consumers the ability to look up bar and restaurant specials in their desired areas and compare those specials in a timely fashion.  Bevdog was established to bridge the strong disconnect between the happy hours and specials that bars and restaurants offer and the consumer.  

Bevdog allows bars and restaurants to post their happy hours and specials, update them or change them as frequently as they desire at no additional charge.  Bevdog's website and smart phone Apps display the updates and/or changes instantly allowing the owners of said establishments to have a real-time display for their happy hours and specials to potential customers.  Happy hours or specials posted inside a bar or restaurant or on your marquee alone does not increase your audience.  Specials and happy hours should be broadcasted loudly and consistently to create both new and repeat consumers! 

What we are not:

We are NOT a coupon site. We are not selling group coupons, one time to the consumer.