District Management Council

The District Management Council (www.dmcouncil.org ) (“DMC”) partners with public school district leaders to help them improve student outcomes, operational efficiency, and resource allocation. School districts face myriad challenges – stagnant achievement results, budget crises, federal and state mandates, increasing accountability measures - and they need practical solutions that can be implemented quickly to get results.

The District Management Council was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing public school system leaders with superior strategic insights and practical solutions to the most common and pressing management challenges.  DMC has become the trusted advisor to school district leaders to help them tackle the most important issues and achieve measurable results. DMC believes leadership and management matters. By helping to strengthen and increase the managerial capacity of the people leading school districts, DMC believes that DMC can assist in systemically improving the performance of the American public education system. DMC offers a broadening range of services and products to school district members that include: 1) consulting services, 2) technology solutions, and 3) membership services that include publications and conferences.  Through these combinations of services, DMC works hand-in-hand with districts to produce tangible outcomes.

DMC is based in Boston with approximately 40 employees and experiencing rapid growth. Today, member school districts of DMC serve more than 4.5 million students across 34 states.  The District Management Council prides itself on its high rate of client satisfaction and success.