Zeller Plastik/Global Closure Systems

Zeller Plastik is one of the world's leading producers of injected molded plastic closures and packaging components. We pioneered snap-hinge technology and later introduced our patented butterfly closure hinge that revolutionized the industry. Throughout our history, innovation has been our hallmark.

Zeller Plastik Americas spans the American continent, supplying closures from the north woods of Canada to the southernmost tip of Chile. We are comprised of Zeller Plastik US and Zeller Plastik Mexico, with manufacturing facilities outside of Chicago, Illinois, USA, and Mexico City, Mexico.

As a member of the Global Closure Systems ™ family, Zeller Plastik Americas shares in the strength of our worldwide network of design, technical and manufacturing facilities. That global connection gives us access to the experience and resources of the most innovative thinking in the industry.