Sprague Operating Resources, LLC

Founded in 1870 as the Charles H. Sprague Company, Sprague is one of the largest independent wholesale suppliers of energy and materials handling services in the Northeast with products including: home heating oil, diesel fuels, residual fuels, gasoline and natural gas. Over the years, Sprague has aggressively expanded upon its fuel procurement, handling, and delivery expertise. 
Sprague believes that the quantity, quality and location of the terminals it owns or has access to provide it with the opportunity to offer its customers both certainty of supply and a diversity of products and services to a degree that its competitors with fewer assets cannot offer.
Key Facts
    • Corporate headquarters: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    • Full-time employees: 425
  • Annually distributes/handles more than:
    • Petroleum products: ~1.2 billion gallons
    • Natural Gas: ~96 billion cubic feet
    • Materials Handling: ~2.5 million metric short tons and ~253 million gallons
  • Owns and/or operates 15 refined products and materials handling terminals
  • Throughputs or exchanges at over 50 additional third-party facilities