GHouseArtistryGallery is looking for a virtual assistant to perform various duties that I need. (Emailing, posting ads on advertisement sites, etc). I am looking for someone who can start ASAP. 

Job Description: I'm looking for a Virtual Assistant to help me manage incoming calls and emails, schedule events, and help me stay on top of all of my obligations.

Your responsibilities:

- Data analysis/entry into Excel, Word or other programs

- Research using the Internet or other information databases - Outbound calling to clients, vendors or others

- Travel planning and coordination

- Email management

- Other miscellaneous tasks that can be performed online

Your qualifications:

- Previous experience as an administrative assistant preferred - Broadband Internet connection

- Strong understanding of Internet and online communication tools

- Ability to multitask and take on multiple projects

- Ability to meet deadlines - Strong communications skills and attention to detail a must