academic writing

We have an academic project where we need writers for academic assignments of a business course.


The project involves writing a batch of 6 assignments – each having a word count of 3000 words.


The work should be entirely plagiarism free – we will provide you a facility to submit your work in a plagiarism software and your responsibility should be to get a less than 10% plagiarism score.


The deadline for this project is in 1st week of August. You can make a choice on how many unique batches of assignments (6 in each) you want to take. However, you must ensure each batch is entirely different from content and look-and-feel perspective and there should not be any similarity as the students of all the batches belong to the same class


We will be able to pay 10 Indian rupees for every 15 words that you write (price is slightly negotiable for excellent writers). So for a batch of 6 assignments, which is 6*3000= 18000 words, we will pay 12000 Indian rupees. We are into serious business and will not encourage spam and low quality freelancers.


Please let us know your interest and we will take it forward from there!!!