Tournament Games Inc

We design and create online games, and host online tournaments.  is our site-in-progress while still running Starting back in 1997, we are one of the longest running game sites on the internet, and the oldest skill game site. We are a very small team but we host over 30k game entries each day. We are converting all of our games to the Unity3D format, and taking what we have learned over the years, making an easier and more enjoyable site,

I need help in the following areas: c# development, graphics design, MSSQL, Windows Azure, MVC 3, etc.

I have worked here since early 2001, and enjoyed, have learned more, and have been challenged the greatest amounts only to learn that it's all possible.

My mentor Jack Pearson has had a long history in the video game industry, going well before his years at Arcade Engineering. At 77, he is an avid and gifted game designer, having the experience that not many others can boast.

This would be a great position for someone who wants to learn the ins/outs and realities of running a live video game website. It's not always game design and is often coding at most every level, from jquery/ajax on the client, to stored procedures on the server, all wrapped up in mvc and pushing it to the cloud.

We also need help with technical support, customer relations (blogging / twitter / facebook), advertising, and more.

If you can do any of these things, please contact me! - Eric Johnson