Slaktis LLC

 We are one of the biggest agricultural companies in Russia, located in Pskov region, city Velikie Luki - 450 km from to the West from Moscow, 450 km to the South from St.Petersburg, 400 km to the East from Riga. Our main business is milk production, but also we have our own milk processing plant, cheese plant for 300 tones of milk per day, greenhouses and several supply companies. At present time we have 18500 heads of cattle consisting partly from pure bred Australian Holsteins and Russian breeds. To 2020 we are planning to increase our milking herd up to 30000 heads and replacement herd up to 44000 heads (including feedlot for Holstein bulls). We work with American consultants and designers, with the best American genetic companies. we invite American specialists for full-time work in Russia.