Description: VOIQ is a mobile app that allows you to earn money by making calls FROM YOUR iPHONE OR ANDROID PHONE.  Use your experience in a call center along with your charming and upbeat personality help you make money! We are looking for great individuals with either a degree in Contact Center Communications, or 1+ years of experience working in a call center/customer service field, with great phone skills (polite, well spoken, able to handle off-the-bat questions) to become part of our mobile call force and work around your own schedule!

What you’ll do: make calls through our mobile application (don’t worry--they are made via internet so it won’t affect your phone plan at all!) to either deliver a message for a company (it can be an event reminder, promo code, or update), to have contacts complete a multiple question survey, or for lead generation and qualification calls. This is not a sales position. Since this is not a sales position, there is minimal training and down-time before starting to make calls for a campaign.

How to Apply:  Please send your resume highlighting relevant experience to apply@voiq.com , indicating your salary expectations. Positions open starting immediately!