Waterway® Gas & Wash

Waterway® Carwash has been combining the Best People with the Best Technology to deliver the Best Car Wash Experience in the industry for over 40 years.  We utilize only the best soaps, cleaning ingredients and protectants in the industry, plus we’ve carefully selected the best equipment to clean our customers' vehicles.  On top of all that, we hire only the best people and are committed to their ongoing training at all levels.  Our attention to detail means our customers can be assured that their car receives the best care.  We don’t settle for anything less and neither do they.  Waterway customers are familiar with our original customer loyalty program, the Clean Car Club®, which offers a wide variety of fantastic car washing and money saving benefits.  We have additional discount programs in place to fit every budget.  Waterway operates 19 full service car washes, convenience stores and gas services in four major metropolitan markets: St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver and Cleveland. To learn more about us, and our commitment to building first class facilities in the best locations, please visit our website at www.waterway.com