Triple Crown Consulting

Since 2004, Triple Crown has been the leading provider of hardware, software, big data and analytics consultants for companies in a diverse range of industries. Based in Austin, TX, with offices in Phoenix, AZ and Campbell, CA, Triple Crown has experienced tremendous growth every year since its inception. Clients rely on Triple Crown to find the best-in-class engineering and big data contract professionals for their most challenging assignments. Our consultants think of Triple Crown first when they want a new assignment that they know will be challenging, exciting and the best fit for further developing their expertise.

What our clients can expect: 
- We streamline the process of delivering the right talent faster than our competition. 
- We take the time to fully understand your needs, what you want and when you want it. 
- Trust us to solve your problem the same day we hear about it. 
- Our approach is unique, assertive and solution-driven. 

What our candidates can expect: 
- As highly skilled technical talent, you can focus on your ability and not the hiring process. 
- We will thoroughly understand your background, talent, motivation, goals and expectations. 
- We will focus our core competence on delivering you an exciting contract. 
- You arrive, showcase your talents, expand your technical skills and be ready for the next assignment, with an even stronger skill set. 

What our staff can expect: 
- We expect our staff to work hard and reap the rewards of your efforts. 
- We set attainable expectations, and train our staff how to meet and exceed those expectations. 
- We constantly evaluate our staff’s progress to ensure success and growth. 
- This commitment to our staff translates to our commitment to our candidates and clients, and it is ever-present in our communication and actions.