Imjn Cooking

Imagine eating together, as a family, at the dinner table. Imagine real food, not something out of a box or from the drive-thru yet one more night. Imagine meals the whole family enjoys, that you don’t feel guilty about serving.
Our philosophy isn’t complicated. We believe that dinner time is family time. Unfortunately, the days of mom cooking three meals a day, seven days a week for the family are long gone for most Americans. We are busier than ever, and dinner time has suffered. Instead of a home-cooked meal, we are more likely to eat out, order in, nuke something soggy in the microwave, or even skip meals entirely.
As a result, we eat foods that aren’t as good for us, spend more money, and get stuck in a rut of the same five or six meals over and over again. Not to mention that the conversation at a restaurant tends to be a little bit different than the one that happens at the kitchen table…
It doesn’t have to be this way.
We’re not saying you’ll never eat out or have a microwave burrito again, but how about a small change to start? What about cooking at home just one more night a week?
What would that do for your pocketbook?…your waistline?…your family dynamic?
What if the nights you already spent cooking anyway were faster, easier, and less stressful? How would your life change for the better?