EnergyUnited EMC

EnergyUnited is one of one of America’s most respected electric cooperatives. Founded 65 years ago, EnergyUnited is the third largest provider of residential electricity in North Carolina and among the 10 largest electric cooperatives in the United States. While headquartered in Statesville, EnergyUnited also has personnel in towns throughout our service area – allowing us to remain close to the people we serve and the communities they love. EnergyUnited has grown a great deal over the past 65 years, and now serve more than a quarter million people in parts of 19 North Carolina counties stretching from the Virginia border to northern Mecklenburg County and encompassing the fast-growing I-40, I-77 and I-85 corridors. In addition to our reasonably priced electricity, we offer additional products and services such as propane, surge protection, and automatic standby generators. We also offer a wide range of products and services to our commercial and industrial customers.

Electric cooperatives are unique in that they are owned and controlled by the customers they serve. They are formed to provide at-cost, reliable electric service to their members.


Electric cooperatives also are 

private, independent electric utility businesses incorporated under the laws of the states in which  they operate and governed by a board of directors elected from the membership.  Most electric cooperatives are distribution cooperatives like EnergyUnited that deliver electricity to the consumer.  Some are generation and transmission cooperatives (G&Ts) that both generate and transmit electricity