Kyoku for Men

Started in 2010 by Dr. Asim Akhtar, Kyoku for Men is a men’s acne treatment brand that encompasses a variety of skincare products that help young men eliminate acne, breakouts, and oily skin that seem to come up especially during a specific time in a young man’s life. There are no other brands in the market today that address men’s acne in quite the way Kyoku for Men does – we literally invented the ‘male acne’ category. Here at Kyoku, we take acne and our customer’s results very seriously – in fact, it’s all that we do. We want to make sure very single one of our clients not only cures his acne physically, but also goes on to become the best man he can be, from the inside out.

Kyoku for Men has been featured in over 300+ pieces of press including GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health and has won several industry awards including ‘Best Face Wash’ by Men’s Health in 2012 and ‘Best in Shaving’ by GQ in 2011, to name a few. Kyoku products sell in 18 different countries in over 500 retail locations, including Barney’s, Macy’s, Boots UK, Shoppers Drug Mart Canada, and Douglas Pharmacies in Europe, to name a few.

It’s been quite the journey in our 3 short years, and we hope to help even more men eliminate their acne and become the men they have always wanted to be in the future.