Viewport Consultancy Private Limited


Viewport Consultancy has forged into the millennium with a distinctive vision to give utmost priority to our clients’ interests by creating value for them through assessment and recruitment of the right resources at the right place.

Beyond the realm of mundane activities, lies a world of opportunity. Viewport Consultancy visualizes relationships that leave an indelible mark on the canvas of the universe, where partnerships do not blur but merge into an indistinguishable union. Our vision is to strive hard and succeed in every venture. We visualize attaining goals which are a prelude to the path to perfection. We do not rest on our past laurels.

Expect more from us since we have a commitment to:

  • Create a future which envisions well-defined characteristics and values.
  • Stimulate creative thinking which inspires us to dream about establishing relationships that endure.
  • Build corporate culture which stands on the edifice of mutual trust, unshakeable faith and unflinching commitment.
  • Integrate our functions with the needs of our clients and create a seamless delivery system.
  • To be known as a company that shares your aspirations.


Viewport Consultancy’s USP has always been the unique approach to recruitment in  Marine Industry & Overseas Manpower Consultancy. Our focus has always been on skilled and unskilled manpower needs. We recruit across various industry segments for multi-national corporations.

Unlike other agencies or firms, our experienced professionals strictly follow the tradition of keeping a track of the changing needs of the clients, so as to ensure maximum satisfaction in this era of ever changing scenarios.

Our Mission is to supply the best available talents to the required industries to help them grow as an organization and also to help the professionals build a career for the betterment of themselves, the company they are associated with, and also in the broader sense, for the development of the nation.

We believe in commitment. Our endeavor is to create a supportive work environment and steer your venture to a level of unequivocal excellence. No destination is far away from us because our mission is:

  • To promote greater productivity and effectiveness by working proactively and strategically with businesses.
  • To anticipate emerging trends and always remain in a state of preparedness.
  • To be responsive, collaborative and empathetic, keeping the target always in focus.
  • To realize the full potential of each of our business partners.
  • To provide manpower solutions with conviction, strength, merit and sustainability.