I am currently in the process of expanding and teaching others who i believe qualify my
methods of strategy which are proven to work. I have a great track record and i work with my
associates on a personal professional level to help you become successful and earn a monthly
residual income just like myself. I will take you step by step and guide you to achieveing your
goals in order to reach maximum success. Whether you set your goals at $200, $2000, or
$20000 dollars a month; i will teach you the in's and out's of my buisness and reveal to you what
it takes and walk you through the process. I hide no secrets and give my personal information
so we can always keep in constant contact. My business of choice is Retail Energy. Retail
Energy is one of the largest industries to deregulate in America, opening a marketplace of
millions of consumers who now have the right to choose their energy supplier. With me the
choice is simple.. Consumers are able to lower their energy bills ( utility bills) while at the same
time helping the environment. This brings together two of Americas fastest growing trends;
Energy Deregulation and Green-living.
I am currently only offering this Opportunity to qualified individuals in the followiong states.... New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusettts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. 
If you find yourself to be driven, ambicious, and entrepreneurial; than this is most certainly for you.
Many sucessful individuals that i work with come from the following fields; Asset management, Insurance, real estate, communications, and now looking for recent college graduates. With this opportunity you would be simply helping others save money while improving the enviroment.
Contact me through e-mail or my cellular phone if intrested.
Thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing from you,
Brendan Hackett