Code-3 Security & Life Protection

Home to  an accredited BBB A+ rated company in Fort Worth/Arlington.  We are a local based office of a Nationally Leading Technolgy basd company. 

Training is provided any most sales people are producing sales and decent income within a week.  Base Pay is $350 per sale!!!  You don't need to be an engineer or real technical to sell our product it is an easy to use product that enhances the home and people life!

College Summer Program Allows historically has earned $31,000 per summer!!! 9 out of 10 of our sale reps leave college without loans!!!!!

We offer Part-Time, Full-Time, & Any-time positions for Tempoary and Serious Career Oriented Sale people and Managers.

Most sales are self-generated and transfers to other offices or sales in most any part of the country are available.  

Top pay weekly with many sales bonuses available including Housing Credits up to $1600, Gas Card, Cars, and trips!!!! 

We work with the latest technology, sales representatives the produce 5 sales in the first 2 weeks recieve Ipads!!


Marketing, Sales, and Service of GE Security & Life Protection Products.

Security Alarms & Life Protection Systems.


Basic Home Automation

Offer Free or minimal costs system (generally $49 to $199) in exchange for a 36 - 42 month service contract.

Most systems provide FREE smart phone application control, up to 20% home owners insurance discount.

All Security systems include Police/Medical/Fire Panics and audible alarm.