High Lantern Group

High Lantern Group helps clients build their reputations through early-stage strategic planning, outreach to influencers and opinion leaders, compelling narratives and messages, and high-impact communications tactics. We are a new kind of consulting firm that brings decades of experience at the highest levels of business, media, government, management consulting, and CEO advisory work to the challenges facing our client companies. Organizations that want to create a compelling case for strategy, expand their influence, and shape public opinion and debate turn to us for our expertise in reputation management, thought leadership, and strategic alignment.


We believe that a successful positioning strategy must be linked to the organization’s purpose and objectives, and it must be done at the highest levels of the organization. Most communications and advocacy firms specialize in late-stage activities that are the most visible to the outside world. But without a proper foundation, these activities provide little leverage to build reputations, enhance relationships, or drive desired outcomes. They must be anchored to something deeper. Those who successfully position themselves do more than garner positive attention; they define public opinion and get others to follow it. This is the work of High Lantern Group.


Through its affiliations with SSA & Company and the G100 group of companies, High Lantern Group operates in an ecosystem of seasoned strategic advisors spanning global industries and disciplines. Please visit our website at www.highlanterngroup.com for more information.