What fuels your passion?

Deciding where to start your career can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to do. Maybe you don’t even have a technology background. Fortunately, Microsoft will help you to build a career that evolves along with your interests and passions.

Know Your Options

Nowhere else will you have such a variety of products and technologies to get behind—or so many career paths to choose from.

Life at Microsoft

What’s life like at Microsoft? Intense. Exciting. Fun. Stimulating. Challenging. Rewarding. You get the picture...

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A job is great, but a rewarding career is much better. Take your first step on the road to a career with Microsoft.

Our core businesses—infinite potential

No matter what you dream of accomplishing in your future, chances are we’re working on something that will get your wheels spinning. Want to create the next blockbuster game? Blaze new trails in desktop media? Drive innovations in Web services and SOA? Improve the video experience on mobile devices? Wherever your particular passions are, you’ll have room to roam in one of our core business divisions.

Our Business Groups:

Windows Division

We create the operating system, applications, and services that bring Windows to the PC and Internet. Our work ranges from the Windows OS to Windows Live to Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Business Solutions

We build Dynamics, Amalga and HealthVault, software that helps businesses make important decisions with confidence.

Microsoft Office Division

Our products—including Office, Exchange and Lync—increase productivity, helping people do what they do better and more efficiently.

Interactive Entertainment Business

We span games, music, and videos and are home to the Xbox and Games for Windows gaming platforms.

Mobile Communications Business

We develop, market, and sale software and services for Windows Phones worldwide, including Windows Phone 7.

Online Services Division

Hundreds of millions of people rely on our services, technology, and portals like Bing and MSN to get the information they need when they need it.

Server & Tools Business

The world’s leading developers, IT professionals, and designers use our technologies and platforms—like Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Windows Server.

Corporate Research & Development

Our teams—including FUSE Labs—incubate concepts and technologies that create new insights, even new businesses.

Sales, Marketing, Services, IT & Operations Group

We're the engine behind the adoption, deployment, and use of Microsoft solutions and technologies worldwide. Our teams include IT, Corporate Marketing, Operations, Sales, and Services & Support.

Corporate Businesses

Our Human Resources, Legal & Corporate Affairs, and Worldwide Corporate Finance teams operate on a scale and at a strategic level that few companies can even imagine.