Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc.

Our Beliefs

At Phoenix A.M.D, we believe that...

People come first

Everything we do is intended to add value and make life better for the people in our lives: our partners in business, the consumer, our team members and our families.

Honesty is the best policy

We will honor the truth in everything we say and do. Our word is our bond.

Unafraid to be accountable

The actions we take and the results we produce are the standard by which we seek to be judged for intentions mean nothing. Should we fail, we will own our failure and make it right.

Innovation is our watchword

We acknowledge that innovation is the key to success in a changing world. We will embrace change, react nimbly to the challenges it offers and be open-minded to the opportunities it presents.

Partnership is our credo

We will speak in one voice with clarity and respect for all and in turn will listen with consideration to others, striving to determine their real needs and respond quickly to them. For that is the true measure of partnership.

Integrity builds reputations

We will always 'walk the walk' for trust is built when words become action.

Who We Are

Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc., a privately held company, is one of North America’s leading value added home furnishings protection and service specialists, with an unparalleled reputation for customer service and support.

Since its’ inception in 1991, Phoenix has been providing customers with the highest quality home furnishing warranty programs with the greatest perceived value and realistic expectations.

They also provide fully bilingual customer service, using the most advanced computer technology.

As one of North America’s leading providers of lifestyle protection programs and services, supported by our exceptional vendor partners, such as DuPont Teflon, Phoenix A.M.D. International consistently and passionately innovates the future, and sets the trend for all other suppliers and companies to follow.

Our Brand

As today’s leading innovator of exceptional lifestyle protection programs and services, the family of products currently offered by Phoenix includes the:

  • Excelsior ALL Stain Protection for: Fabric and Leather upholstery (both featuring DuPont Teflon protector), Bycast & Vinyl and Microfiber upholstery;
  • Excelsior Essential Stain Protection for furniture for: Fabric, Leather, Bycast & Vinyl and Microfiber upholstery;
  • Excelsior Dining and Wood Protection Program
  • Excelsior Mattress Protectors featuring DuPont Teflon stain release fabric protector and Ultra-Fresh Anti-microbial; and our newest patent pending mattress protector
  • Excelsior Linen Collection including sheets, comforters, and accessories; and the
  • Excelsior High Efficiency Laundry Detergent & Dishwasher Detergent