ViaSat, Inc.

New Grad Recruiting Opportunities - ViaSat Digital & Satellite Communications Company


Hardware Engineering
Depending on location, our new grad hardware engineering positions typically include various digital electronic circuit design, MMIC design, RF design, and systems test positions.

Software Engineering
Many of our communications products are driven by complex embedded software. Our software positions often include opportunities for real time embedded software and firmware design and system level software engineers.

Test Engineering
In developing critical communication systems for commercial and government applications, the design of complete and thorough test systems for each product is essential. We need new grads wanting to specialize in test engineering with career advancement opportunities in system design and test.

As our business grows, opportunities arise for new grads in other areas of our company in addition to engineering. Finance and accounting is one of the areas where we actively recruit new grads. 

With a large product base shipping to countries around the world, ViaSat has opportunities for new grads in operations program management, procurement and supply chain, and test and support.