Gilford Securities

Gilford Securities was founded in 1979 by Ralph Worthington and several other senior officers of Blyth Eastman Dillon. Our mission was to create an environment where intelligent investment professionals could offer investment opportunities to discriminating investors. We've made substantial progress in accomplishing that goal over thirty years in business.

While we've undergone many changes since we started the business, day to day operations are still headed by seasoned professionals, including some of the founders. Gilford Securities is one of Wall Street's few remaining private investment banking firms, with ownership shared by its founders and many of the firm's more than 150 employees. While New York City is still the hub of financial activity Gilford's investors, institutions and the companies Gilford serves have greatly dispersed since the firm was founded. Today, as a full-service, national investment firm, Gilford maintains offices around the country in addition to our headquarters in New York City.

In addition to these offices, and in view of the growing opportunities in the global market, Gilford has expanded its working relationships with financial centers throughout the world. Gilford's clients are corporations, individuals and institutions. Gilford offers a wide selection of investment instruments to meet financial goals of the individual and institutional investor. We also provide capital resources to growing companies through our Capital Markets division.

Although we are a relatively small firm our size is by design not by default.  This characteristic allows us to nimbly weave through the market to find the best possible solutions for Gilford clients.  In addition, our size permits us to develop long-lasting partnerships with our customers by specializing investments to meet their needs.