Arpege Music Software Development

Arpege is developing music composition and notation software ("Harmony and Counterpoint", "Pizzicato", "Alternative Notation"). Unique clients are more than 13 000 and software are available in English, Spanish, French and Italian. Arpege is supported by 88 dealers (in Europe and America) and has a substantial direct clientele around the world. Also we have special programs for education (including a free one). More information:

Arpege discovers with interest the startup of the new music industry ecosystem and several B2B partnerships are currently running in the short and middle term. More precisely, Arpege contributes to create new music software and platforms which offer online services to musicians. Partners are young entrepreneurs as well as experienced ones and they all share passion for computer assisted music.

Arpege also created a software development kit ('Music Notation Library') for multi-talented personalities who want to join skills in music and programming and clients get benefits from high-level skills in music software programming to launch their first notation product on Windows, Macintosh and iPad. The kit includes II levels and can be customized in any form at demand. Presentation :

My own part is to manage activities related to the following domains:

* Research of information (prospection, business data)
* Social Media/blogs (content writing, professional pages handling)
* Educational/business fairs/days
* B2B/B2C contacts
* Sales
* Translation