Pacbasin Technology

Pacbasin Technology was originally formed to capitalize on its prior experience in developing new biosensing assays utilizing conjugated polymer structures to conducting genomics research on ovarian cancer. Some of this emerging technology is now driven by research groups that are part of the California NanoSystems Institute and the Translational Genomics Research Institute. The members became involved in other research areas from laser spectroscopy probing techniques for small molecule discovery to the pharmacology of drug discovery lead compounds. Since its organization Pacbasin Technology has been working with the latest advances in areas such as photonics and nanomaterials to speed up the development of products with requirements as diverse as more sensitive chemical sensing and more robust drug delivery.

Our Current Mission:

The group has now expanded their area of expertise towards implementing the various nanomaterials and assembly processes coming out of research centers that are part of the National Nanomanufacturing Network. These advances along with current biotechnological innovations can be implemented in new platforms and products. Any life sciences venture for developing new products ranging from biologics to gene expression technologies can benefit from the group of collaborators that we team with. We now offer our technical expertise and operational support by working with the Accumeric Professional Service Group. If your group is looking to speed up a development effort for your newly discovered technology, our team can be your complete solutions provider.