NAM Youth Marketing Specialists Corp.

College Hybrid Marketing: Print, Out of Home, Digital, and College Mobile Phone Channel Networks

  • NAM Youth Marketing, Inc. (NAM), originated as a “grass roots” company to provide promotional and distribution services to advertisers looking to target the elusive college marketplace.
  • Since 1997, NAM Youth Marketing Inc, Collegiate Promotions, Kid Club Marketing (K-12) have been delivering the teenage and young adult college market to advertisers and the entertainment industry through its unique combination of media properties.
  • NAM Youth Marketing, Inc., operates as a Full-Service marketing firm targeting the college market for our clients. When it comes to cultivating your business by tapping into the lucrative, yet elusive college market, we know what you are thinking. We know what you need before you tell us. Since 1997, NAM has been implementing unique marketing solutions for clients seeking to reach the college & teenage minded student.
  • NAM has built the MOST extensive Youth marketing network in the United States. We reach virtually every two and four year college campus (4,000+) and well over 80,000 K-12 classrooms from coast to coast so you don’t have to.
  • The most important aspect of our network is that it lends itself to flexibility and fair market pricing. Market to the entire nation or just one campus.
  • NAM Provides Clients with the highest quality, professional distribution and media marketing services covering a wide range of products and services. This experience translates into savings and greater returns for our clients.


We Offer Our Clients:

  • Knowledge Of The Marketplace
  • Personal Attention; Innovations To Enhance Business
  • Effective Media & Marketing Services
  • Efficient Cost Control Measures
  • Fastest Turnaround In The Industry