ProOrbis LLC

ProOrbis is a boutique strategy and management consulting firm located in the Greater Philadelphia Area that focuses on advancing management science and applying it to the world’s leading commercial, nonprofit and governmental organizations.

The foundation for all ProOrbis work is the ProOrbis® Method, a proprietary methodology that focuses on the return on investments (ROI) an organization makes in its own capabilities and is an evolution of the concept of productivity. A typical ProOrbis project is a large-scale transformation project that positions client businesses for the future.

ProOrbis deploys a highly leveraged consulting model by licensing and training its clients on the use of the ProOrbis® Method. Thus, employees enjoy the benefits of a small company accompanied by the challenges and rewards of cutting-edge, large-scale client projects.

The company was founded over 15 years ago and has served industries including health sciences, electronic materials, investment banking, insurance, financial operations, power generation, logistics, electronic warfare, and geospatial intelligence.

ProOrbis clients are generally leaders in their industries, often with a long track record of success. They range in size and nature, but are generally complex, global businesses with a wealth of expertise.

Client parent companies include Johnson & Johnson, Sierra Nevada Corporation, ITT Exelis, The Clearing House, The Boeing Company, American Nuclear Society, Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL), United Parcel Service (UPS), Mellon Financial, Drummond Company, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Rohm & Haas, MetLife, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, DuPont, and Federal Government clients including NASA, the General Services Administration (GSA) and a strategic Naval Warfare Center.