Who We Are

Our sales capabilities are unmatched.


Telecommunications, cable, satellite, Internet, office products, financial services, energy. As the dominant market leader in outsourced face-to-face sales, our capabilities and approach to doing business are truly unique. Our top-tier clients represent some of the world’s most recognized brands, covering many different industries throughout the United States and Canada.

We achieve success in meeting our clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive, nurturing environment – making Cydcor a win-win situation for clients. Here’s why:

  • We are the North American market leader in face-to-face sales
  • We provide world-class client service and operations support
  • We have made more than 32 million face-to-face sales calls in the past year
  • Our independently-owned sales office contain high quality, college-educated, professional sales reps you can trust
  • We have the ability to quickly and effectively penetrate markets, reaching the customers that traditional marketing strategies can’t
  • 5,000 new customers buy a product or service from Cydcor each business day
  • Cydcor is equally effective in reaching small business, residential, and retail customers

Interested in joining us at Cydcor?

Professional people make their mark at Cydcor.

Our people are talented. We respect that highly. We’ve created an organization and corporate culture where people want to work. Read on to learn more about joining our company.

Open Positions

If you’ve ever wanted to add achievements like “leader” or “top performer” to your resume, Cydcor is a great place to hone those skills.

Our Culture

Everyone is somebody at Cydcor. Our business promotes a culture that reflects what anyone would want in a company: An open-minded environment that allows our people to feel like they are a part of something big – no matter what job title they hold.

Behaviors We Value

We don’t shy away from hard work. And we certainly don’t shy away from high expectations. Our values aren’t just words on paper; they are well thought out actions that represent who we are and what we do for our clients.