DIGDEEP is a millennial human rights organization in the LA Arts District. We bring diverse communities together to achieve sustainable, clean water access.

Every year we run the 4Liter Challenge: a social campaign that dares people to use just four liters of water a day. Americans take water for granted, so #4Liters helps us understand how important water really is, while raising funds for clean water projects. People sign up, get donations, take the challenge, and share videos, pictures and tweets of their experience.

We're recruiting Fellows for this year's 4Liters Fellow Class! The 4Liter Challenge is our biggest, craziest campaign of the year. Together, we’ll brainstorm social content, cheerlead 4Liters participants, collaborate with brand sponsors, and run an awesome campaign. Check out the list below and tell us why you'd make a good fit:

Participant Management Fellow:

You're part coach - part cheerleader - part quarterback. You love being in the thick of a moving campaign and thrive off of team energy. Your support, engagement and encouragement inspires others to reach their goals. You’re a great communicator and you love sharing cool experiences on the web. Tracking participants and organizing data are your thing, so we want you on the squad. http://bit.ly/1sIDEzW

Storytelling Fellow:

You are the reason why “water cooler” moments were invented. A natural communicator, you enjoy working in a collaborative environment. You know what makes good news and you know where to find it. Your organization and attention to detail make check-lists your favorite thing to conquer. http://bit.ly/1sRfDYp

Content Fellow:

You create, therefore you are. You have killer computer skills (like photoshop and photo/video editing) and you're a social media guru (Twitter/ Facebook/ Tumblr/ Vine/ Instagram). We work in a super cool shared-space, so you’ll drool over the creative inspiration. Your constant curiosity and imaginative eye make you the model creator. http://bit.ly/1A8o7NX

Here’s What We’ll Do Together:

We’re in the business of changing the world. From the minute you become a part of our DIGDEEP team, we give you real work that makes a real impact. We’ll take you seriously. Seriously.

{C}•    Our program runs September through November so we require a 3-month commitment.

{C}•    You’ll work 20-30 hours a week – both in the office and from home – and we’ll even approve you for class credit.

{C}•    Most importantly, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of one of the country’s most innovative awareness campaigns.

Interested? Sweet. Use the links above to get in touch - then send your resume, cover letter to tawny at digdeepwater dot org. Also, please only apply if you’re in the LA area and can get to and from work easily.