Helen Sauder

 Great Beauty Co. Ltd. is collecting some pictures as below for marketing of the business:

1.       Pictures of historical residence building in the USA, which can be as old as hundred of years. Excluding pictures of kitchen, bedrooms, warehouse, the pictures can be of lobby, hall, the whole building etc.. Some featured ones would be better.

2.       Posters of high-end skin care products. The poster can be on supermarkets, drug stores, emporium in the USA etc. And it also can be the outer wall of the buildings or from some special counters of high-end skin care products inside the buildings.

3.       All the above pictures should be about landscape only.

Do you have any pictures as above? Contact us and provide us the pictures (please also enclose the description of the pictures including the history and so on.), once the pictures are adopted, we will pay you five cent to one dollar as payment for one picture by PayPal.

Contact information:

Great.beauty@ Hotmail.com