Computhink Inc.

Company Culture

Computhink thrives on creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box, and we encourage (and love) new ideas and diverse perspectives. Our culture is built on working as a team, learning from each of our individual strengths, and working together to deliver the best software ever (more on that later).  We succeed by setting clear goals and maintaining open communication – and we don’t do closed doors.

Our Product

Contentverse document and content management software helps companies worldwide become more organized and efficient.  By doing this, we essentially free their employees of everyday hassles so they too, can have an environment where their team is happier, more productive, and has time left over to excel and make the most out of everyday life. That’s how we roll, and we love it.

To be more specific, Contentverse streamlines employees’ everyday business processes by seamlessly connecting them and making all essential resources available in one easy-to-use document management system. It eliminates the frustration of filing and finding paperwork – instead, it makes organizing, searching, and sharing information a breeze.  An office equipped with Contentverse produces less paper documents which also has a positive impact on the environment, improves efficiency, and increases security.